Chris Burge

Chris Burge

Chris Burge – Head Coach

Chris Burge is a former junior and senior county player who has played and trained with Olympic medalists. Qualifying as a Badminton England coach over 15 years ago Chirs has provided coaching to junior and adults of all levels from beginners to performance players and has even been able to provide coaching to current England International players.

In 2018 he began searching for a tots badminton classes to take his 3-year-old to, only to discover that there were none available.

Through conversations with members of badminton sessions he currently coaches as well as through searches for pre-school badminton classes and many internet searches, it became clear a tots badminton session was being looked for by many badminton playing parents and that they would all be disappointed.

Believing a gap in the market had been found, he quickly set about creating badmintots